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Susan Joyce

I arrived in B.C. in 2011, from the UK where I worked as a research and development scientist for the pharmaceutical industry. Before that I worked as a university researcher trying to discover new medicines.


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While I enjoyed both of these jobs, the part I enjoyed the most was training new employees and helping students with the projects and laboratory classes. Especially when they smiled and said … "Oh! I get it!" or "All I have to do is.."

Moving to Langley has given me an opportunity to focus on this and I can help others to understand the wonders of science and maths.

I believe that working on a one-to-one or small group basis helps to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills that are required for science and engineering careers. It also allows time for discussions about science topics that cannot occur in the classroom due to limited time.

My experience of industry, education and the enjoyment in helping others to understand science and maths means that I can use a variety of techniques and examples to help you understand concepts and apply them to the theory and in practice.

LeftEdge FAQ RightEdge
What do tutors do?

Well we help you to improve your grade by giving you the tools, i.e. the knowledge and the skills, to understand the subject and interpret the questions.

What do tutors not do?

We do not complete your work for you; you have to do most of it with our guidance.

We do not write your assignments or complete your exams. This is unethical and against your school’s code of conduct, and it will not help you to achieve your long term goals.

What are the benefits of tutoring?

Short answer, a tutor can help you:

  • Learn the subject area
  • Improve your study skills
  • Find different learning methods
  • Learn organisational skills
  • Improve your problem solving
  • Learn how to how to apply principles
  • Improve your confidence
All of this adds up to improving your grade!

Longer Answer:

The obvious one is we are going to help you learn the subject area that you are asking for help in.

Tutoring books

However we can help you in other ways too. We can advise and teach you study skills that will improve how you revise for ALL of your subjects.

We can show you different methods of learning and how to organise your work to maximise your time effectiveness and also your mark. This organisation is transferable to other subjects and can be used in other subjects and in future learning and even in the work place.

We can show you how to apply principles, rather than what the answer is. This allows you to tackle other similar questions making you an independent learner and boasting your confidence.

Do tutors work miracles?

No. We empower you to improve your grade and confidence. You will only do this by putting in as much effort as we do. The more you commit to tutoring and working with your tutor, the more you will put in, and so the more you will get out.

Do tutors know everything?

We wished we did but people can ask questions in new and intriguing ways that can stump us.

If we don’t know how to do something immediately we will know where to look it up and if that fails we will come back with an answer for you as soon as we can work it out.

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I support the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera browsers, and continually test the rendering of this web site in these versions.

However, if you experience any difficulty reading any part of this website, or have any comments or suggestions as to how to improve it, please contact me as soon as possible and I'll take a look!