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Khan Academy
The Physics Classroom
Biology Corner
Spark Notes (Chemistry)
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I know tutors in the follow subjects and areas, and if you would like to use their services please contact me :-

  • English - Langley area
  • French - Langley area
  • ESL - TBC
  • K to G5 - TBC


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Looking for some extra resources?

Check out my  Wordpress  Wordpress blog!!

I regularly post articles giving free advice on study techniques, revision productivity and organisational skills - as well as problem solving hints and other useful content!

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LeftEdge Syllabuses (General) RightEdge
B.C. (British Columbia)
Curriculum B.C. Curriculum
Provincial Provincial Examinations
School Districts:
Abbotsford Abbotsford School District
Langley Langley School District #35
Surrey Surrey Schools - Leadership In Learning
Maple Ridge Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows
I.B. (International Baccalaureate)
Curriculum Curriculum Framework
Exam schedule I.B. Exam Schedule
Resource I.B. Guides
A.P. (Advanced Program)
Curriculum A.P. Central
Exam schedule A.P. Exam Schedule
LeftEdge Syllabuses (Individual Subjects) RightEdge
B.C. Math Curriculum Documents
I.B. SL SL Syllabus Outline And Details (PDF)
I.B. HL: Mathematics HL Guide (PDF)
A.P. Calculus Course Description (PDF)
B.C. Integrated Resource Package (PDF)
I.B. Diploma Program - Chemistry Guide (PDF)
A.P. Course And Exam Description (PDF)
B.C. Integrated Resource Package (PDF)
I.B. Diploma Program - Biology Guide (PDF)
A.P. Course And Exam Description (PDF)
B.C. Integrated Resource Package (PDF)
I.B. Online Syllabus
A.P. Course Description (PDF)