Revision Tips

Welcome back to school! I hope that you a great Christmas

For High School semester students your finals and provincial exams are approaching, and now is the time to begin revising if you haven’t already done so. This can seem like a very daunting task. There is a lot of work to look over and understand, and knowing where to begin is also tricky.


Here area few tips for and hints that may help.

1. Write a study time table

Try to stick with it! This will help you to see how much time have to study. Put in all your normal activities – school, homework, volunteering, work. With the rest of the time mark 50 minute blocks with 5-10 minute breaks in between. Assign a subject to each block be specific and focus on one topic e.g. Chemistry – equilibrium or Math – test practice

There are some templates and examples on the internet. Here is a good guide

2.  Organize your notes

You should have a good set of notes and example from class the will be the basis of your revision. make sure your notes are in one place and in a logical order.

3. Focus on a single subject area

If you are scheduled to work on Trig. then focus only on that. Read your notes, make flash cards and new notes , try some problems.

4. Reward yourself

After you have focused on your subject for  50 min. Get up take a break, go for a quick walk, listen to your favourite song. Do something  completely different to studying. This will allow you to memorize what you have learned and relax before focusing on a different topic.

5. Don’t try to learn new information.

This may sound harsh but you are not going to be able to learn and  remember a lot of new concepts the week or day before your exam. Revision is for mastering and reinforcing a concept that you know. This knowledge and be used to give you full marks in that subject area.

Focusing on what you know gives you confidence and will help you to achieve the grade you want. Trying to learn new topics at short notice will take you down a pessimistic path and leave you anxious for your exam.