3 steps for successful test review

So you have a test coming up and you want to do well but you are not sure were to begin to prepare for your test.

Here are the 3 main steps for reviewing for your test

1. Plan

2. Read/write

3.  Practice

These should be looked at in this order, so that you can get the most out for your review session.

Planning – Work out what you know well and what you struggle with. You will need to spend more time in what your are not sure about and less time going over what you know reasonable well. Review everything so that is fresh in your memory.

Read/Write – Read your notes a few times and make summaries, flash cards or mindmaps to help you memorise key skills and facts. Doing this will help you increase your understanding of the subject and allow to link key facts and ideas together.

Practice – Once you have reviewed your notes and are confident about the subject information, it is time to practice questions. If possible try exam style questions so that you are confident in wording and what they are looking for.


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