Learning to Mother-how learning to feed is like learning a subject

So just under 9 months ago, early in the morning, I was handed a small wriggling human and basically told – ‘hey keep this little thing alive’


Somethings are relatively simple – like changing a diaper and could be learnt by observing and doing.

                               Will they like this?                                                            

Others are trickier, like knowing when they are hungry, this take a little practice to know which is which and what they want.  It is a continually evolving process to being with it is every hour and only a very small amount and then it becomes further apart and larger amounts and different types of food.

The key to it is to keep trying and evaluating the outcome, did it go well or not and what should we change tomorrow, or should we wait before we change something else. Has the thing that was tricky to begin with become easy, is it time for a new challenge to add a new food or texture to the thing list of things the baby eats

Learning a new subject is like this to, you start with the basic information and little bits of it frequent and often. Once you have master this you can space it out and add in more interesting and challenging information/skills evaluating how well you understand them.


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