Ten things that can help to keep your revision time productive

Borrowing a term from a colleague of mine, when we study we tend to live in the ‘Nation of Procrasti’



Here are 10 great tips for making your study time more productive;

1. Reduce your lecture and reading notes to brief notes and keywords on index cards.

2. Vary the material that you revise: from the difficult to the more familiar.

3. Read your essays to get yourself into the right frame of mind.

4. Study alone for some of the time, but also in a group occasionally if this suits you.

5. Make yourself take regular breaks, and be strict about returning to the revision.

6. Give yourself treats to keep you going.

7. Mark off your achievements on your revision timetable as you progress.

8. Plan answers from past exam papers to assess how well you are doing.

9. Sign up for an exam technique workshop if you need more help.

10. Vary your style of revising as you go along to keep yourself motivated.

From http://www.palgrave.com/skills4study/handytips/revision.asp, check out the site for other good tips.

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